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Friday, 20 January 2012


He's the cousin of the man who owns the SMG,performed in different universities in Nigeria most especially the Western part of the country,he has a style similar to wizkid,with over ten tracks to his name,different works with the likes of willybang,flowsick,et al and he just became the 1st official artist to be signed to the hypertek records.his name is DAMMY -KRANE.After much said about this young man,the fact that Tuface actually feels he's good makes him even a bigger name than he might have been before!!!
Here is a picture of dammykrane signing the deal wit HYPERTEK!!!
For those who might have not heard his songs download THIS below


Egberipapa 1 of Bayelsa gives us 2 nice track sthat we hopefully feel will make a long lasting impact in the clubs...both songs from his coming album are really cool,but it would be better if u have ur own verdict
club on fire

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Arsenal-Robin-van-Persie cropped
Robin Van Persie has revealed that Arsenal want to sign his son - who is just five years old.
Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is well-known for bringing through young talent - but he might have some wait on his hands before van Persie Junior is ready for the first team.
Shaqueel van Persie currently plays for his local football team and his father has so far ignored Arsenal's offer for him to join one of their youth teams because he is happy with his son's current coach.
He said: "I honestly have to say that he [Shaqueel] has got a lot of talent for football I recognise a lot of stuff of myself in him.
 His coach is really great. Arsenal has invited him a couple of times to come and play there but he likes it at his club. He's sensitive for a good atmosphere. Just like me.”The move to get his son on board could be part of a strategy to help persuade the 29-year-old Dutchman to stay at the club and spurn the advances of clubs like Manchester City and Barcelona who are thought to be keen

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I have always envisaged a "negative" scenario would finally have a temporary end the removal of fuel subsidy episode.So it was not surprising when the "supposed" Democratic president of the federal republic of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan Resulted to forceful majors to put an end to the peaceful protest of Nigerians particularly THAT at ojota.Although Rumours had it that labour leaders were paid heavily by parties against PDP,(CPC and Tunde Bakare most notably) to stage the rallies and protest against the removal of fuel subsidy,it should be noted that Nigerians also WILLINGLY came out to voice their discomfort in the change of fuel price and also took that opportunity to fight against the "recurring demical"-CORRUPTION
So after five "INEFFECTIVE" days of the Nigerian Economy because the NLC told all Nigerians that it would fight for N65 or nothing,the final verdict came and N97 was the said agreement.So how did NLC and its president  Abdulwahed Ibrahim Omar come to a compromise with the FG N32 more than the original agreement they had wit the nation???Its obvious someone has taken some-others for fools.While the discussions were on regarding the issue of compromise between the FG and the NLC both parties never told WE the people how much they were bargaining at most notably the NLC who we supposedly put our trust in. 
After all had been said and done there are only three major postulates why the NLC had to call of the strike and Agree at the N97 a litre the government gave them...
-The NLC officials were bribed-This is the most common logical school ot thought as to why the NLC after all the "Intial gra-gra",suddenly came to a compromise at N97 naira and said they would work with the government and called off the strike.IF truly they we're bribed,then what does the future hold for the NATION?
-NLC officials Didn't want to "over-do"-Logically,this would also come to mind that the NLC officials were pushed to the wall with recent happenings in the nation,most especially the fact that in Benin City,individuals were using the strike as an avenue to carry out wicked intentions.Also,the NLC official might still have thought that having disobeyed the FG by carrying out the strike and protest wen the FG initially opted against it was enough.At this junction I would have recommended,that initially the NLC should have called a 3days warn strike and get to the table to negotiate wit the FG instead of the so-called indefinite strike that paralysed the economic activites in the nation.It also makes we Nigerians see them as WEAK by giving in so cheaply to the govenment demands.
Finally,This could be outrageous but its my opinion and you can choose to buy it too.....
THE PRESIDENT "DICTATED" FOR THE NLC-like I said,its my opinion..."BUT IN NIGERIA TODAY WE RULE OUT NOTHING".The president MIGHT have forcefully told Abdulwahed Ibrahim Omar (NLC president) to call-off the strike and agree with the N97 price.If this is truly what happened "BEHIND CLOSE DOORS" then we might be heading for DOOM in this Nation.
  Let me end on a bright note:With 42% now removed from fuel subsidy,the Federal Goverment can start Showing us what we would enjoy if there is total removal of oil subsidy.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


A Madison man with an unusual name is in jail after police said he violated his bail conditions from a previous run-in with the law.
Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop, 30, is tentatively charged with carrying a concealed knife, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and a probation violation after his arrest Thursday. He remained in jail as of Sunday. Jail records don't list a bail amount or an attorney for him.
The Capital Times reports he was arrested after residents complained of excessive drinking and drug use near Reynolds Park.
Court records show his previous name was Jeffrey Drew Wilschke, and he legally changed it to Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop in October. He was arrested in another Madison park last April after police found a loaded handgun in his backpack.

Saturday, 14 January 2012


And who says the leak of wizkid's dont dull remix that had KONVICT music's own AKON was a studio edit???You just been proven wrong as the pair performing the jam together for the first time somewhere in lagos...thanks to @tiwaworks for circulating this video for the world to see...EME really doing things big even if they claim its lowkey...shout out to @wizkidayo and @bankyw...really taking Nigerian entertainment to another level


There is a new twist in D'banj's own OLIVER song as London singer Estelle who had previously featured G.O.O.D music's KayneWest on her single American Boy has done a wonderful remix which she said its for the LADIES.
The Grammy Award Londoner sings in a very similar pattern to which D’banj did on the single (which spurned a series of viral videos last year). The song’s original chorus and bridge are however not altered.
The international remix might not be as ‘listener-worthy’ as the original song but will definitely favour D’banj who will draw a few fans of the UK singer to the face of his own music and art.
D’banj is yet to release his fourth album ‘Mr Endowed‘ but Don Jazzy in interview has assured fans that it will drop in 2012. D’banj and Don Jazzy were signed unto Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music in 2011.

Friday, 13 January 2012


I know many are disappointed its not luis suarez but according to well-respected South American journalist Javier Perez, who writes for Pasion De Multitudes, Arsenal have agreed a pre-contract deal with Anderlecht striker Mathias Suarez.
Perez apparently spoke with Suarez on the phone while he was at a winter training camp in Turkey, and has confirmed (via his Twitter account @JavierPerez108) that the 23-year-old will join Arsenal in the summer.
The fact that L’Equipe followed up on Perez’s story would suggest that he is considered to be somewhat reliable.

According to Perez, any denial of a pre-contract agreement is simply to avoid any embarrassment if a work permit isn’t granted or the player picks up a long term injury.  According to the Twitter page, the fee for Suarez is somewhere in the region of €7 million, which is less than he was valued at by Anderlecht.EVEN HIS WIKIPEDIA PAGE HAS IT

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Don't be fooled by the Caption,Beyonce and Jayz's newborn named Blue Ivy carter is not the devil incarnate as the rumours say. It is actually unfair for a new born to be called SATAN. Only hours after her birth,some heartless vandals Defaced the Sign-post front of a church in North Carolina with the inscprition "Beyonce has her baby,Satan is on Earth.The Pastor at Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End only discovered the vandalism after receiving numerous complaints from people around the area and immediately Removed the Sign post.NOTE:The church had nothing to do with the apocalyptic message,it was just a simple victim in a random act of mischief!!!


To be candid,the removal of fuel subsidy is the best thing for the Nigerian economy as it will go a long way to help the entire country IF(remember IF is a CONDITIONAL clause meaning it could be or NOT be) the words of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his subordinates are anything to go by.A great number of Nigerian's are not aware of the benefits we all will share in the nearest or latter future depending on the speed of the work GEJ and his team will do IF they actually keep to their words.
Am quite informed of the means of exportation and importation of CRUDE and REFINED oil in Nigeria.CRUDE OIL is found in Nigeria exported oversees to be Refined in foreign refineries and finally imported back to the country after being refined for the consumption.some dealers who are meant to take the refined oil to Nigeria to whom the Government have given a large amount of money(amounting 2 billions of naira) divert the oil to sell in Neighbouring country for higher amounts.By doing this,the Rich actually gets richer and the poor poorer,The removal if fuel subsidy would leave these dealers with little or no choice but 2 sell this oil to the Nigerian citizens.
Furthermore,the removal of fuel Subsidy would leave the nation with no choice But to think about opening new refineries and make non-functional refineries function.By doing so twould create a very high number of Job opportunities nationwide and even could make the nation exporters of BOTH crude and refined oil.
Finally,when oil refineries are active in the nation there is more guarantee that fuel price would drop back to a lower price(could be more than N65,N65 or even less)and our children and coming generations would gain a lot from this bold step GEJ and his team envisage.
The key issues why Nigerians are not in support of the removal of fuel subsidy is Lack of Trust for our leaders and misinformation or improper means of communication.SO WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE MONEY SPENT ON SUBSIDY BEFORE THE REMOVAL?-GEJ and his team said they'll use it to create a cheaper transport network for all Nigerians."Now, that's funny"loool...Distributing 1600 vehicles to each state nation wide to transportation is one of the ways he intends doing that.(NOTE-Fashola Supplied 2000 to lagos state alone)secondly why share 1600 buses per state,when we know some states are more populated than other?The money used in buying 57600 buses(1600*36) would have gone a long way to help subsiding fuel...who doesn't think so?The millions spent of irrelvant things like NATIONAL CAKE,DRESSING OF ASO ROCK GARDEN and EVEN THE OVER PAYMENT OF OUR SENATORS(forget the 25% off,that won't hurt them oh,they still earn more than BARRACK OBAMA).
Secondly,why is it NOW Goodluck choose to remove fuel subsidy?Couldn't it(Another conditional clause) be that he's trying to get at some certain investors in the oil sector?IF truly that's part of the pass your verdict.
Thirdly,there are no real evidences that the words GEJ is telling us would be done as he's showing everyday he's not a man of his words and he has agendas he didn't say when those who voted him in office did.How do you trust a president who guaranteed you safety before he got into office,when he got there he says "This Bombings are something we've tried to stop,but as it stands we SHOULD LEARN TO LEAVE WITH IT"
Fourthly,Removing fuel subsidy at this CRUCIAL time when the nation is facing terrorist attacks by Boko-Haram is obviously NOT the wisest thing to do,it only goes a long way to show GEJ doesn't know what a SCALE OF PREFERENCE look like.This is obviously a case of misplaced priority!!!
Finally,IF vision1990 was postponed to vision2000 and vision2000 was postponed to vison2010 and vison 2010 is now vision 2020 was makes you think that vision 2020 wouldn't be vision 20forever???The leadership of the nation is still corrupt so we can't bank on the words they say mostly when we have not seen any attempt to change before a certain policy comes up.If GEJ and his team had started plans to make atleast one refinery before talking about the fuel subsidy removal it would have been understandable..."I want to use this meduim to thank everyone involved in the #occupyNigeria protest and the NLC for standing up to "bad" leadership!!!Also thanking you for your time to read this y'all....#OCCUPYNIGERIA

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


There's nothing much to say about wizkid again....we all know his quality and believe it or not,this EME boy has not plan of slowing down,with lowkey,a track NOT for minors,wizkid has simply told the world that he's fast growing into being wizADULT...lool


Subsidising goods and services is one of the many ways to redistribute wealth – without which many segments of the population would suffer. In western nations for instance, one of the ways government redistributes wealth is through social programmes, i.e. supplemental security income; food stamp programme; vocational rehabilitation; medical assistance; aid to families with dependent children, and unemployment compensation. Unfortunately, many of these programmes are non-existent in most developing countries like Nigeria.
Even though the Nigerian government has the financial resources to do so, it seems to lack the capacity and the structure. And the very little it can provide is riddled with corruption, waste, and inefficiency. And ever since oil became the driving force of the Nigerian and global economy, oil subsidy has been one of the few mechanisms government has used to redistribute wealth. Even so, the amount of waste and theft that characterises the system is almost unimaginable.
Subsidy – monetary assistance made by government – to shore up, encourage or stabilise some sectors of the economy and the populace – is, therefore, a good thing. Or, it can be a good thing if properly and efficiently managed. What many people may not know is that the politics of subsidy – especially oil subsidy – is not a new thing in contemporary Nigeria. Since the 1980s at least, the International Monetary Fund and other external organisations and groups of individuals have been nudging the Nigerian government to scrap oil subsidy.
While the pressure to remove oil subsidy eased for a while, it gained momentum in recent years. This has led many people to believe that President Goodluck Jonathan caved in to external demands. Otherwise, how else could one explain Jeffrey Sachs describing the removal of oil subsidy as a “bold and correct policy” even as the intended beneficiaries were complaining about the policy? No doubt a very brilliant and distinguished economist and intellectual, Sachs failed to take the political conditioning, along with the poverty-ridden climate, into consideration.
The consensus abroad is that the removal of subsidy is a good thing; while domestic actors and interests think it is a bad thing. To whom should Jonathan pay the greatest attention? To whom is he responsible and accountable to? If this President thinks he is better off with foreign concerns, then, he is jeopardising his reputation and Presidency.
Now, let’s look at the big picture: whether one agrees with the President’s overall policy or not is actually not the question. His biggest failing was to force it on the people (without adequate consultation and collective approval). Removing the subsidy may actually make good economic sense, but it is a bad political move. Its timing was terrible. Subsidy is not an abstract idea. It is a real life issue that affects the vast majority of Nigerians – majority of whom live on less than three dollars a day.
This time, as with other times, government has failed to make the case for removing fuel subsidy in a manner that makes sense to the people. And so, fuel subsidy must be restored until the people are adequately consulted and fully briefed on the pluses and minuses of its removal. And so, the President should come before the people to own up to his mistakes. He will have nothing to lose in public or in private. In fact, he will grow in stature should he admit to his failing. Leaders make mistakes. Statesmen make mistakes. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Should he fail to do so, then, he is likely to diminish his Presidency.
Long before this time, what the President should have done – and what his advisers and cabinet members should have counselled – was to invite the National Assembly leaders to Aso Rock for a consultation; talk with members of the civil society; and directly address the people in town hall settings and through the media. If he had done the aforementioned in good faith, the ongoing brouhaha could easily have been avoided. He should also have given the people enough time to digest the new policy. Why was he in a haste on this matter?
In all of these, what pained the people the most was the timing of the announcement. You don’t make such an announcement when millions are away from their homes and sources of livelihood (for Christmas and New Year celebrations). It showed a President who didn’t give a hoot about the people’s feelings and sensibilities. And so, even if the policy made good economic sense, the timing – and the President’s subsequent pronouncements – made very lousy politics. This is another in a series of miscalculations.
It bears stating that unless the President is ready to go to war with the people, he’d be wise to reverse himself on this issue – even if temporarily. July or August would be a good time to revisit it. In the intervening period, he should: (a) address the nation on what’s going on; (b) reverse himself and also offer an apology to the people; and (c) be frank with the people: let them know that the reversal may be a temporary move. (The break will help cool down the heat that is threatening the nation’s political space.) What I am suggesting is that the President should “reset the consultation button.” Stubbornness comes with a price.
As I said earlier, the President will gain more, and will also increase his prestige by acknowledging his mistakes, and by reversing himself. If not, how many flames can one man or one President handle simultaneously? As it is, he is lost in the Boko Haram labyrinth. Is he ready and able to take on additional flame?
Whether in private or in public dealings, communication is very important. Jonathan could get a whole lot done by communicating effectively in person and through the media. Nigerians may be an impatient group of people. And, why not? They have the right to be considering the political and economic hell successive governments have taken them through. But Nigerians are not inconsiderate. They would have gone along with him had he made his case before them, and had he given them the time to think it through. And so Mr. President, please reverse yourself! Doing this does not, in any way, make you a weak president. Instead, it makes you a listening and compassionate leader.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Aise-osa Dominic Igbinowinhia is the real definition of TRUE CLUB banger....The 500level law student of Benson Idahosa University developed love for music at a very tender age and since then found his way of making good music.His Early influences include Mike okri,Paul I.K Dairo,The Dream,BankyW and EldeeThaDon.SOSEE as he's known on stage,he worked with a group named Royalty early on and is also a member of the Committe of Finest Rappers (CFR)...With Numerous features by other upcoming acts to his name.Now working with AKPOMIEMIE OGAGA(CEO-GEE-DOLZ INCENTIVES) & TEGA EjETA...His Debut track CLOSER from the yet to be named LP Drops NOW
download at: