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Thursday, 12 January 2012


To be candid,the removal of fuel subsidy is the best thing for the Nigerian economy as it will go a long way to help the entire country IF(remember IF is a CONDITIONAL clause meaning it could be or NOT be) the words of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his subordinates are anything to go by.A great number of Nigerian's are not aware of the benefits we all will share in the nearest or latter future depending on the speed of the work GEJ and his team will do IF they actually keep to their words.
Am quite informed of the means of exportation and importation of CRUDE and REFINED oil in Nigeria.CRUDE OIL is found in Nigeria exported oversees to be Refined in foreign refineries and finally imported back to the country after being refined for the consumption.some dealers who are meant to take the refined oil to Nigeria to whom the Government have given a large amount of money(amounting 2 billions of naira) divert the oil to sell in Neighbouring country for higher amounts.By doing this,the Rich actually gets richer and the poor poorer,The removal if fuel subsidy would leave these dealers with little or no choice but 2 sell this oil to the Nigerian citizens.
Furthermore,the removal of fuel Subsidy would leave the nation with no choice But to think about opening new refineries and make non-functional refineries function.By doing so twould create a very high number of Job opportunities nationwide and even could make the nation exporters of BOTH crude and refined oil.
Finally,when oil refineries are active in the nation there is more guarantee that fuel price would drop back to a lower price(could be more than N65,N65 or even less)and our children and coming generations would gain a lot from this bold step GEJ and his team envisage.
The key issues why Nigerians are not in support of the removal of fuel subsidy is Lack of Trust for our leaders and misinformation or improper means of communication.SO WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE MONEY SPENT ON SUBSIDY BEFORE THE REMOVAL?-GEJ and his team said they'll use it to create a cheaper transport network for all Nigerians."Now, that's funny"loool...Distributing 1600 vehicles to each state nation wide to transportation is one of the ways he intends doing that.(NOTE-Fashola Supplied 2000 to lagos state alone)secondly why share 1600 buses per state,when we know some states are more populated than other?The money used in buying 57600 buses(1600*36) would have gone a long way to help subsiding fuel...who doesn't think so?The millions spent of irrelvant things like NATIONAL CAKE,DRESSING OF ASO ROCK GARDEN and EVEN THE OVER PAYMENT OF OUR SENATORS(forget the 25% off,that won't hurt them oh,they still earn more than BARRACK OBAMA).
Secondly,why is it NOW Goodluck choose to remove fuel subsidy?Couldn't it(Another conditional clause) be that he's trying to get at some certain investors in the oil sector?IF truly that's part of the pass your verdict.
Thirdly,there are no real evidences that the words GEJ is telling us would be done as he's showing everyday he's not a man of his words and he has agendas he didn't say when those who voted him in office did.How do you trust a president who guaranteed you safety before he got into office,when he got there he says "This Bombings are something we've tried to stop,but as it stands we SHOULD LEARN TO LEAVE WITH IT"
Fourthly,Removing fuel subsidy at this CRUCIAL time when the nation is facing terrorist attacks by Boko-Haram is obviously NOT the wisest thing to do,it only goes a long way to show GEJ doesn't know what a SCALE OF PREFERENCE look like.This is obviously a case of misplaced priority!!!
Finally,IF vision1990 was postponed to vision2000 and vision2000 was postponed to vison2010 and vison 2010 is now vision 2020 was makes you think that vision 2020 wouldn't be vision 20forever???The leadership of the nation is still corrupt so we can't bank on the words they say mostly when we have not seen any attempt to change before a certain policy comes up.If GEJ and his team had started plans to make atleast one refinery before talking about the fuel subsidy removal it would have been understandable..."I want to use this meduim to thank everyone involved in the #occupyNigeria protest and the NLC for standing up to "bad" leadership!!!Also thanking you for your time to read this y'all....#OCCUPYNIGERIA

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